"To become the most valuable brand in the Capital Market Services in Bangladesh by creating long-lasting value for our stakeholders through delivering sustainable growth."


A grip on the Present,
An eye on the Future.



Integrity is more important than awards, deals and transactions, revenue and profit. Integrity distinguishes us and is the foundation on which we build strong client relationships and our reputation. From integrity comes trust, and trust allows clients to work effectively with their merchant bank.


The diversity of our businesses, our approach to risk management and focus on our strengths creates stability for our clients. This means a high-quality counter-party and a bank with a consistent commitment to our professionals, markets and businesses.

A Relationship-Based Approach:

The measure of our success is whether we can sustain a relationship with our clients over times, across multiple products & services. For us, it’s about establishing meaningful, long-term relationships with clients – where we truly understand and help them grow their businesses or meet their investment objectives.

Focused Expertise:

We do not endeavor to be all things to all clients. Instead, we set our sights on being the most knowledgeable advisor in our areas and sectors of focused expertise. We have built a business by providing in-depth experience in the products and services, sectors and markets where we excel and can provide value to our clients.

Service Excellence:

We passionately drive customer delight. We use customer satisfaction to accelerate growth. We believe in change to bring in timely solution.

Responsible Corporate Citizen:

We are tax-abiding citizen. We conform to all laws, rules, norms, sentiments and values of the land.