EBL Securities Limited


EBL Securities Ltd. (EBLSL) is one of the fast growing full-service brokerage companies in Bangladesh. On top of it's expertise and achievements, EBLSL take pride in it's strong commitment towards excellent client services and the development of the Bangladesh capital market.

EBLSL has unwavering faith in the potential of Bangladesh. It also believes that an efficient, vibrant and transparent capital market can strongly contribute to the overall development of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is currently at the initial stage of capital market growth, and EBLSL committed to assist the entry of early movers into a growth-oriented, vibrant, nascent emerging market.

EBLSL has developed a disciplined approach towards providing capital market services, including securities trading, wealth management and corporate advisory services. The foundation of it's business is a strong commitment towards market experience & professionalism, investment knowledge, market intelligence and research services.


  • Cash Trading Account
  • Margin Trading Account
  • Non-Resident Investors’ Taka Account (NITA)


  • Professional wealth & risk management services based on clients' appetite
  • Trade execution orders are received through it's dedicated RMs, telephone, email and fax
  • Daily emailing of Portfolio Statement & Trade Confirmation Report, Market Updates/Research Reports to your designated email

EBLSL Services:

Brokerage Services: DSE & CSE

EBLSL provides “Trading Service” for its clients through DSE & CSE. It offers panel broking services to the clients of different merchant banks. Moreover, EBLSL facilitates its clientele with error free & compliant execution and margin trading.

Safeguarding Your Wealth: Secured

Your wealth is secure with EBLSL, a corporate brokerage house with large capital base, professionalism & service excellence, brand image consciousness and full financial support & backing of the parent company, Eastern Bank Ltd., the leading bank. Be it your public shareholding or sponsor/director shareholding your wealth is more secured with EBLSL, the reputed corporate brokerage house.

CDBL Services: Full Service DP

EBLSL runs as full service DP at both DSE and CSE to provide BO Account Opening and Maintenance services. Along with Dematerialization and Re-materialization services, it offers safe transfers and transmission through CDBL. EBLSL also renders customized services related to pledging and un-pledging of securities.

EBL Finance (HK) Limited

As part of EBL’s sustainable growth strategy, EBL has opened EBL Finance (HK) Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, the third largest country in terms of outbound LCs from Bangladesh. EBL Finance (HK) Limited, a first foreign subsidiary of EBL, is located at Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, the business hub of Hong Kong. A highly experienced and professional team of EBL Finance (HK) Limited will handle trade business with a commitment to deliver world class services.

How a client will be benefited?

  • Clients will be benefited from EBL (HK)’s speedy advising services. Upon receipt of LC, EBL (HK) will immediately call/email/fax/courier to the beneficiary.
  • EBL (HK)’s efficient service, backed by the state-of-the-art technology, ensures that collection documents are processed and dispatched quickly.
  • Simple and effective dispatch tracking of collection document when they are processed through EBL Finance (HK) Limited.
  • EBL (HK) offers knowledge and expertise required to fulfill all clients trade finance related requirements.
  • EBL (HK) provides accurate checking of all documents to save extra work for the client.
  • EBL (HK)’s dedicated team in Hong Kong and Dhaka are ready to respond all trade related queries and provide with the relevant MIS and required guideline.

EBL Asset Management Limited

A private limited company was formed to grab to potential business opportunity in managing mutual funds and institutional Wealth. EBL has already obtained permission from Bangladesh Bank and is under process of applying for license to BSEC