Subsidiaries of EBL

EBL Securities Limited

EBL Securities Limited (EBLSL) is one of the leading brokerage houses domiciled in Bangladesh which has been constituted by changing the name of LRK Securities Limited, limited by shares incorporated under the Companies Act 1994. It was incorporated as Private Limited Company and as on 10 May 2015 it has been converted into a Public Limited Company. EBL Securities Limited is the TREC holder (Trading Right Entitlement Certificate) of both DSE and CSE.

The principal activities of the company during the year were to buy, sell, deal and invest in shares, stocks, debentures and other securities, to become TREC holder of stock exchange in Bangladesh and/ or elsewhere and undertake all the functions of a Stock Exchange TREC holder.

EBL Asset Management Limited

EBL Asset Management Limited (EBLAML) was incorporated in Bangladesh with the RJSC vide registration no. C - 89481/11 dated 09th January 2011 as a Private Limited Company, limited by shares under the Companies Act, 1994 and get license from Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission (BSEC) for full fledged asset management operation. It is a subsidiary company of Eastern Bank Limited. EBL holds all the shares of the company except 1 share which is held by one individual. The registered office of the company is situated in Bangladesh.

The main objectives of the company is to carry out the business of Asset Management, Portfolio Management, Fund Management, Capital Market Operation, Other Financial Services including Corporate Advisory Services, Merger & Acquisition, Equity Investment, Corporate Restructuring, Financial & Socio - Economic Consultancy, Corporate Research & Project Studies, Privatization and other related services in Bangladesh and overseas.

EBL Finance (HK) Limited

As part of EBL’s sustainable growth strategy, EBL has opened EBL Finance (HK) Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, the third largest country in terms of outbound LCs from Bangladesh. EBL Finance (HK) Limited, a first foreign subsidiary of EBL, is located at Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, the business hub of Hong Kong. A highly experienced and professional team of EBL Finance (HK) Limited will handle trade business with a commitment to deliver world class services.

EBL Investments Limited (EBLIL) from its inception 2013, have been elevating its capacities to meet the demands of changes, to serve its clients better. EBL Investments Limited is a Limited company, obtaining merchant bank license from the Securities and Exchange Commission.